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Quick Texts 1.0

An utility to speed up your editing process when using a lot of Copy & Paste
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Quick Texts is a tool that offers to facilitate your editing process. It works by making standard texts available from the clipboard through paste operations.
This program does not have a real graphic interface as it runs from the System Tray. When you click on the icon there, a menu appears and you can select predefined texts from there. These will be transferred to the clipboard so that you can paste them wherever you need them on the document you are currently editing. Although I cannot deny this is an easy procedure, it may get annoying after you have used it a couple of times. It could have been made less upsetting by just enabling some keyboard shortcuts for most frequently used texts. Then, the process of creating or editing your texts is even more troublesome as the program does not provide any automatic way of doing this. Instead, you will need to open the program’s text folder and create text files for each intended text. Should you want to organize them in categories or submenus, you would need to create a folder structure.

In general, Quick Texts is no replacement for Microsoft Office Quick Texts functions, which are even better in recent versions. Whereas it is undeniable that the program is light and robust, it still has a long way to go before it becomes really functional. What is worse, I do not think it is remotely worth the price.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It is light and robust


  • There is no automatic way to create, edit or organize your texts
  • The process of clicking on the program's System Tray icon and selecting a text may get annoying after you have used it a few times
  • There is no way to configure keyboard shortcuts
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